ANDYS POLYDOROU LLC is in cooperation with a licensed local company engaged in trust company formation and management business in Malta.

Company Law

The Malta Companies Act is modeled on its UK counterpart. Maltese business owners can therefore enjoy a simple, straightforward Malta company incorporation procedure

How to Incorporate

When a Malta business is formed, the company may be registered within a day of receiving all required Maltese company documentation, information and funds from the Registry of Companies in Malta.

Incorporation Cost

Limited liability companies may be set up with a minimum share capital of under Euro 1200 whereas there is no maximum share capital requirement.

Requirements & Restrictions

Malta company law does not impose any restrictions on the nationality and residence of the shareholders and directors of a Maltese business, or that of the company secretary. Furthermore, provided the business operation in question is legal, there are no restrictions on the types of activities that a company in Malta can carry out following its successful registration and incorporation. However, the activities of certain Maltese businesses may be regulated by local authorities such as the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) or the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

Authorized Capital

The Maltese Companies Act states that the minimum share capital of a company registered in Malta is €1165. At least 20% of this must be paid upon subscription, and deposited in a bank account under the name of the Malta registered business.


When forming a Maltese registered business, bear the following conditions in mind:

• A Malta company is required to have at least one director, who may also act as the company secretary in certain cases.

• It is possible for a body corporate to act as the director of a Malta business, although the role of company secretary must be filled by an individual.

• Maltese business laws also state that an individual can be both a company director and shareholder.


For successful Malta company formation and incorporation, Maltese law generally requires that a business has at least two shareholders; however, it is possible to successfully register a Maltese company with only one shareholder provided the company fulfils certain conditions. Shareholders in Maltese businesses can be either individuals or corporate bodies, and it is possible for the shares in a Malta company to be held by an authorized fiduciary, thereby keeping the identity of the beneficial owners fully confidential. A Maltese company is also required to hold a members′ Annual General Meeting (AGM) at least once every year.


A registered Malta company is required by law to submit an annual return to the Registrar of Companies, and to have all annual financial statements audited.


Malta also offers a very attractive tax system that can be highly beneficial to companies registered in the country.